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A parliamentarian is a professional consultant who advises an organization, its leaders, members, committees and staff on parliamentary law and proper procedure for conducting meetings. Professional Registered Parliamentarians® are able to consult and assist groups of any size with many services.

The National Association of Parliamentarians® (NAP) provides this listing as a service to those who request assistance in locating a Professional Registered Parliamentarian. It should be noted that NAP (nor NEAP) does not act as an agent for the Parliamentarians listed and certifies only to their having met NAP’s requirements of knowledge and professional development to attain the designation of Professional Registered Parliamentarian® (PRP).

If you are interested in obtaining the services of a parliamentarian or have any questions about how a parliamentarian can help your organization, contact anyone of those listed here. The terms of employment should be negotiated between you and the Parliamentarian. Those residing in the New England area are located below in random order. Please click on the name for more biographical information.

Peter A. Senopoulos, PRP

Boston MA Cell Phone: 617-780-6575
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Biographical Info

Peter A. Senopoulos, J.D., PRP, of Boston, Massachusetts, is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian and President of NAP’s George Demeter Unit (MA.). He is a Charter Member of NAP’s New England Association of Parliamentarians, a member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians and The American College of Parliamentary Lawyers.

Peter’s passion is teaching organization leaders basic parliamentary practice skills to conduct meetings in an orderly, expeditious and efficient manner to accomplish great results while maintaining group harmony. For over 20 years (recently retired) he was responsible for conducting hundreds of public meetings of Massachusetts public safety boards, commissions or committees, as either Legal Counsel and Parliamentary Advisor, or Chairperson.

Peter has experience drafting rules, regulations and bylaws and as a Parliamentary Advisor for yacht clubs, non-profit organizations, neighborhood groups and professional Bar and Realtor Associations. His practical approach, combined with his accurate, timely and dependable guidance, helps organizations successfully navigate through rough waters.

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