Annual Meeting Update

The NEAP annual meeting and educational conference was a success by most measures — we had our largest attendance and more first-time attendees than we’ve had with any of our past meetings.

At the annual meeting, the following matters were approved by the members:

  • The nominating committee elected is Rosemary Seghatoleslami, PRP (Chairman), Peter Senopoulos, RP, and Daniel Fitzpatrick, PRP. They will be soliciting nominees to serve for office at the next annual meeting for the 2017-19 term.
  • The members voted to strike term limits. Officers are no longer limited to two consecutive terms in the same office.
  • The members voted to clarify the board’s powers with regards to enacting financial policies.
  • The members voted to clarify the nominating committee procedures in the event more than one member has a tie and one needs to be elected chairman.