Get Involved

Membership in NEAP carries many benefits including networking, publications, access to educational materials, educational conferences, and professional development.  Shine light into your organization’s meetings by joining NEAP today.

Networking Opportunities

Members can participate in local units in their area and various association activities, providing an avenue to discuss and exchange parliamentary information and experiences.

Conferences and Seminars

Members are able to participate in NEAP conference and seminars at a discounted prices.  Visit our event calendar for upcoming events.

Professional Development

Joining NEAP is one step.  By joining, you’ll be prepared to take the NAP membership examination to secure even more membership benefits.  NEAP also offers NAP members the ability to become both Registered Parliamentarians (RP) and Professional Registered Parliamentarians (PRP).

Leadership Opportunities

We are an all-volunteer association with no paid staff. Our board and committees are integral to our operations. By joining, you’ll be given opportunities to serve on an NEAP committee or run for an NEAP office.