Leadership Team

NEAP is governed by four officers who comprise the board of directors.  Assisting NEAP achieve its mission are standing and special committees who fulfill much of our business.

Between meetings of the association, the appointed parliamentarian and committee chairmen serve as instrumental advisors to the board of directors.  Advisors are not voting members, but are encouraged to attend meetings of the board.

2021-23 Board of Directors

Carl Pease, PRP

Carl has extensive experience with political party conventions and methods of voting & elections. His interest in parliamentary procedure began when he was a student at the University of Maine, Orono in the mid-1970’s. He has a Masters in Public Administration and has served as a small Town Manager. He has been the Parliamentarian of the Maine Democratic State Committee, the Maine Democratic State Convention and has been hired as a Moderator for Town Meetings and Regional School Unit Budget Meetings.

Carl has served as a presenter at multiple NEAP conferences. He previously served as NEAP Parliamentarian from 2015-17 and as NEAP Vice President from 2017-21.

Evan A. Lemoine, PRP

Evan of Providence, Rhode Island has been a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) since 2008, a registered member since 2009, and professionally registered since 2011. He was the charter president of the eNAP Unit (2011-12), New England Association of Parliamentarians (2013-17), and Young Professionals Parliamentary Practice Unit (2017-Present). He is a past two-term NAP Treasurer (2011-15), has served as Electronic Association of Parliamentarian’s Secretary Pro Tem (2017), Vice President (2017-19), Treasurer (2021), and President (2019-21). In 2018 he served NAP as the Training Conference Workshop Coordinator in Buffalo, New York.

Evan is a certified public accountant working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations across New England.

Thomas Holmes

Thomas Holmes of Rhode Island has been a student member of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) since 2017. He has served as secretary of the NAP Electronic Unit (eNAP) and as chair of the eNAP Nominating and Membership Committees (2018). He now serves eNAP as Vice President and Secretary and chairs both the Membership and Education Committees. He is also chair of the Nominating Committee for the New England Association of Parliamentarians. He served as a member of the EAP Education Committee.

Rosemary Seghatoleslami, PRP

Rosemary, a lifelong resident of New Jersey, became a member of NAP in 2006, joining the Richard S. Kain Unit of the New Jersey State Association of Parliamentarians (NJSAP), where she served as treasurer and president. She also served as treasurer of NJSAP and president 2011 – 2015. She presently serves as NAP District One Director.

With family in the Greater Boston area, Rosemary has been an affiliate member of NEAP since inception and is one of the initial charter members.. She achieved PRP status in 2015. Rosemary has judged parliamentary contests for Skills/NJ and Skills/PA, for FBLA-PBL, HOSA, and FFA. She and her husband Saied live in Cranbury, New Jersey.

Carl Pease, PRP, ex-officio

Carl Pease, PRP, ex-officio

Carl Pease, PRP, ex-officio

Carl Pease, PRP, ex-officio